Turtle Beach Ear Force XBA Bluetooth Wireless Chat Adapter for XBOX One

Has anyone heard a release date for this adapter? The guy at Turtle Beach told me that MS will have to release the rights to sell them as a separate unit. At this time, I can only purchase one as an "Upgrade Special" (buy the headset for the 360 and then get the adapter later for use with the xB1). I wish I had done more research so I would not have shelled out the big bucks for a headset that no longer works the way it was intended.

Any info would be appreciated!


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I would like to know as well. I bought a new set of turtle beach tango's for $250 less than a year ago. I don't play either xbox one I have sitting here because I cant use my headset for chat. Im very close to just making my own out of a turtle beach 360 Bluetooth adapter & the one off the headset that comes with the xbox one, which can be done very easily.

Just unsolder the Xbox One cables and solder on your TB cable to the board....BAM working headset.

TB has been indicating that the adaptors will be available sometime around March. There offer is pretty good---you buy a current headset (for 360) and when the adaptors come out, you get a free one!!! Not a bad offer considering. Just note, this only applies to certain models.


I have a feeling that the adapters will not be XBA adapters, instead you will have to use a cord between the TB headset and the XB1 controller. Like the X41 for the 360. If so I will be making my own... Found a perfect tutorial http://www.funkydiver.com/xbox-one-adapter-mod-turtlebeach-bluetooth-adapter

The reason I say this is if you look here ecx.images-amazon.com/.../311ky1-ccfL.jpg the pic for the adapter clearly has a 2.5mm headphone jack... I got that image from www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_sc_2

i purchased a pair of px4s and the volume controls dont work i bought a audio adapter but it did not work xbox said i needed the xba adapter turtle beach told me i need the talk back cable but that is only for chat volume i need both chat and game volume does the xba really do that or is it just for wireless and which one do i get ive had this since the 9th i have not been able to use it someone help tell me what to get.

I can only give you advice on my XP500 (some of this you may already know so if you do let it slide). 1. As an update to my original post, apparently there is nothing in the works to sell a Bluetooth/wireless adapter for older TB headsets. This sucks since I paid big bucks for something I thought would work for either XB1 or XB360. 2. The only way I have been able to use my XP's is with the chat cable. You must use a chat cable as an ordinary audio cable does not have the chat ability. I have been using the chat cable for the PS4 since it does not have the volume controls in the cable (you don't need a control on the cable since there are 2 already - 1 on the headset and 1 on the adapter). The PS4 works perfect for me. 3. LAST THING...and this is very important as I discovered it by accident...apparently you have to turn off the Bluetooth control on the headset. I had hoped to be able to still use this function for my cell phone calls (one the selling points for this particular headset). If you leave it on then your chat will be disconnected randomly. Once I turned this feature off I was able to chat with no issues. SO TO ANSWER YOU SPECIFIC QUESTIONS: No XBA adapter for your headset yet, you need a cable specifically made for CHAT, there are volume controls on both your headset (I assume) and there are volume controls on the controller adapter that the cable plugs into. Hope this helps...

You are always going to pay good money for something that last a year or two. The big problem is ms and their new inventive ways... not. The adapter for the bottom of the controller for xbox one is bigger than 360 and that chat cable is f****** annoying. You would think every thing on this NEXT GEN console would be completely wireless. It is totally defeating its own purpose by calling it next gen. If I ever see that ms promoter slash ceo or whatever he was in all those on stage here buy this cuz look at all the cool stuff it can do, it will be a bad day for him because i am not a very nice person. And the one thing that really ticks me off is seeing someone do something *** and looking at you like everything is fine.

this guy is what i am going to do with my xp400's. and it retains the 2.5mm jack as well. www.ebay.com/.../261585110174