Turtle Beach Ear Force X41

What are these like? And are they worth anywhere near the asking price?


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I paid 145 for mine just after they came out and don't regret it. Fantastic sound from them and can be used with all sorts of audio equipment. Great for the ps3 and watching blu rays. I don't know of I would say they are worth it, but if you can afford it and want it, then why not.

It's money well spent imo... however they've come down quite a bit in price (£90 in tesco - I paid 150 a year and a half ago) You can connect another set up to the reciever, and use it with mp3 players etc as well.

They're great if you need to be a bit more quiet in the later hours, you can crank the volume up to a decent level without waking anyone up / annoying neighbours (just be careful with your voice chat though, you'll tend to talk louder because you're using headphones)

They also give you the edge over people without surround sound as well.

i got x11 love them but wireing is a pain some times lol

I got the x31's which are a little cheaper buit made just for xbox. I bought a 97p wire and can now use it with anything that has a headphne slot so i can use them for my ps3 (without game chat). my tv, laptop even to listen to music on my phone.

well worth the money.

I've got the X4s which are the version just before the X41s, bar the improved wireless etc I'll assume they're largely similar. I paid £140 or so to import mine when they came out in the US a few years ago and I've never regretted it. Second best gaming investment next to my HDTV, the sound quality is amazing and the 5.1 really does work.


The fact that the surround sound is right in your ears, as opposed to being spread out around your room like with a traditional 5.1 speaker set up and diluted by various other sounds like the dog barking downstairs, kids shouting round the house etc the clarity is much higher and you can literally hear every single footstep. Highly recommended.