Turtle Beach 800X superhuman issues

I've had this headset for about 2 months now. Been emailing TB support back a forth now, they just have me do a hard reset and bootloader but did not fix the problems. They seem to think it's a pairing issue but I don't think it is because all other presets sound fine.

So I'm just wondering if anybody who has the 800X has these same issues.

First, superhuman hearing - The audio is not stable. What I mean is, in COD BO3 I have the music volume set to 2. On superhuman hearing preset, the music goes in and out. It gets loud (or normal) and then dies down, repeatedly. This issue only happens on superhuman hearing mode. Every other preset sounds good. During game play, it does the same thing, the audio stutters. 

Dynamic chat boost - Does not work. On the phone app I keep the chat volume at about two thirds. In game I can hear everybody fine but once there's action, gun fire fights and explosions, the chat volume does not increase with game audio.

I actually stick with signature sound, just wish it didn't have as much bass. I like the idea of superhuman hearing preset but the issue really bothers me.   



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Maybe it's the game.

Have you tried posting in BLOPS to see if people get uneven sound at anytime?

It's not the game. I just used BO3 as an example. It does it on any game and even on my 360. Yes these work on the 360 with no wires, just gotta have the bluetooth adapter from TB. The one that came with my 400's work.

The issue happens with Netflix and movies and even the sounds from the dashboard.

Like I said, all other presets work fine. Signature sound, action, shooter, foot step focus etc all work and sound fine. Just superhuman hearing has this issue.