Turning other profiles to Gold

I have unboxed my XB1 early and don't want to mess anything up so I thought that I should ask...

  1. Can I migrate silver accounts from the 360 to the One or do I just create new profiles?
  2. Do those automatically become Gold on the One or do I need to do something?
  3. Are those other accounts now Gold on the 360 as well?

Thanks folks.


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1. use the email address and password of the silver account on the X1 and it will be migrated.

2. no, the account will become gold when you pay the membership fee either on the Xbox or on the website.

3. yes, so the account you decide to make gold, will also be gold on the 360. and that account can be signed in on both consoles at the same time.

OK, thanks.  Just to be clear, those other accounts will not go to Gold until I buy a new subscription.  They will not piggy back on my current subscription.

if one account on the X1 is gold, then all account on the X1 are gold. however on the 360, only the one account will be gold, the others will still be silver.

They won't piggy back, however they will have some Gold benefits. Check out this article from a while back that does a decent job of explaining things a little bit better.


Thanks folks.