Turn on/off cable box/TV along with Xbox One


Does anyone know how to turn on/off the set top box and tv that are connected the Xbox One? Going through the setup process to link the set top and tv I was pleased to see how much control the xbox had over them including being able to turn the gear on/off (well it did this for the cable box anyway). If you're going the full route of passing through the cable box and you really only use your tv for watching cable or playing on the xbox, then it makes sense that all three would be on/off together, right?

If this isn't an option, it needs to be. A simple differentiation between "Xbox, on" vs "Xbox, System on". To me, it appears the ability of powering on/off devices is already done, so why not make it into voice commands, or an option in the settings?

Maybe I missed something and it is a feature already, I've only had 2 hours with the One, but in a few quick searches I found nothing about it.


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