Turn off auto record.

Is there away to turn this off without having to turn off the whole recording. Its annoying that it keeps recording I dont want. I have to keep deleting it.


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I'm sure MS has this on their backlog of things to change in the coming months - we'll just have to wait and see. :)

The only way to turn it off is to turn off the streaming as well. It sucks, because every time I want to stream I have to turn streaming back on.

I had to turn it off completely because every time I flipped my car in GTA V it would say "Clip Recorded - Do a Barrel Roll", or shot down a helicopter it would say "Clip Recorded - Bird Down", and flew out the windshield it would say "Clip Recorded - Buckle Up".. it was highly annoying.

At this time I am 99% sure there is NOT a way of turning off auto-recording without turning off all recording settings.. hopefully there will be in the future, or maybe a in-game setting would be nice.

Surely someone's made a vote-thread for this at that Xbox suggestion site? If not, time to make one. An option to only turn this part of recording off would be great.

In Madden 15 it records plays that are not even worth recording. It even records when the other team scores. Please make it an option to turn auto-record off.

Fifa 14 it records when ur goalie doings a saving dive. and ryse records every 30 seconds.  :| Bf4 everytime I level up. lol. So silly. taking up HD space.

I notice this happens to me when I played the demo for NBA LIVE 14. If this is what you are referring to I think when your playing this game or games like it it automatically records highlights within the game. I never had it automatically record anything until I played the demo of this game. Even though only game I have at the moment is just killer instinct lol. But when I played soccer demo it never done just the basketball.