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I'm looking to purchase a turbo controller. Any suggestions?


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This is by far our most popular controller and has over 65 modes. We don't suggest using them online, but for offline play they work fantastic.

I was looking for something a bit more cheaper than that one. Thanks for the reply though. Any others?


Heres a 50 mode that does almost everything the 65 mode will do. The differences are:

50 Mode: Has quick shot and quick scope.

56 Mode: Has jump shot and jump aim.

65 Mode: Has quick shot, quick scope, jump shot and jump aim. Basically a combination of both the 50 and 56 mode controllers features put into one unit.

Evilcontrollers.com is a great site, I do not advise using the controllers online as some class it as cheating.

Although they are great to play with offline.

I guess I will go up to Gamestop and see what kind they have. Thanks for the replys though.

I think it's cheating to modify the controller to give yourself an advantage and it's stipulated in the Terms of Use as being so, so there's no doubt that it's cheating in this context.  This thread should be removed because there are contributors telling people how to break the rules.

Thanks for the suggestions. I already saved the links that were removed by a moderator. So no worries there. Thanks again.

Good for you mate, any edge you can get eh..  Just think about how fast those semi-auto's will fire until they take them out of games all together or have to nerf them 'till they're ineffective.

Adding to what Templar already mentioned, any controller that may utilize a rapidfire or any advantage that isn't officially licensed by Microsoft is on grounds for punishment, however there is a select few licensed 3rd Party controllers that may utilize those features Here

Think about that adversary looking at you when your shotgun goes off like a wet fart.