Trying to connect Apple TV to XBOX One, doesn't work!

I don't use traditional cable.  I use an Apple TV for HULU and Netflix.  I have tried to hook up to the XBOX, assuming it was just a HDMI pass through.  I have my Apple TV connected, but all I get is sound and a black screen.  Any ideas? Is there a specific HDMI cable requirement?  I have seen people hook up a PS4 to an Aople TV, so I know it is not just cable boxes.


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it works for me perfectly make sure to back up and go to the xbox home than back to the tv it should be there

i'm actually having the same problem unityh8r is. black screen and sound.

I tried mine out works fine?

Hey did this get solved? I've got the exact same issue... Sony Bravia TV... Thanks

have you guys tried updating the firmware on your apple tv ?

Have you messed with the resolution being output by the Apple TV?

guys i m trying to connect my apple tv to my xbox one, it works fine but when i go to devices in tv & one guide i don't see any setup box option in devices where i can change it to apple tv for using the kinect for voice commands. how come? anyone else had this issue?


Although you can plug it in and get it to display. Voice commands and one guide do not support it.