TRULY wireless x1 headphones / headset?

My PS4 has the pulse elite wireless headset and it sounds great. Truly wireless with great bass and mids.

why isn't there a truly wireless xbox one headset? Why do they all have to daisy chain to the controller?

not a big deal for games because you'll be using the controller, but for TV / Netflix, I don't want to have to lug around the controller just to watch some movies And not disturb my neighbors in this thin walled apartment.

IIRC The digital out heasaets don't get chat audio? Ie the truly wireless ones that connect via optical port.


whats so hard about making an official TRULY wireless headset? It can be USB based for all I care, I just don't want to be tethetred to a controller.

wires are not "next gen", nor are double A batteries, but that's an entirely different manner. I still prefer Xbox one over Ps4

any news on a truly wireless headse that isn't $200+? One that gets chat audio and game audio, along with volume sliders for both, like the pulse elite?


the more I read about the lack of truly wireless (and affordable) headsets, the lack of 1080p, games for gold being a joke, xbox live costing more than PS Plus and not offering nearly the same value, the more I'm regrettiing my day one edition purchase. I was burned out on shooters years ago and I'd rather browse on my iPhone than play titanfall. It does nothing for me.

about the only thing I prefer on Xbox over PS4 is the controller, UI, some exclusives and software. PS4 game clip sharing is ***. "xbox record that" is amazing , PS4 game sharing is absolute *** and it often has error codes when trying to share. Sony software is pure crap as usual.

but this still doesn't change the fact that there's no truly wireless (affordable, not $250 Astros) headsets for Xbox one. Wires in my lap is not next gen..

Im not an audiophile but I would love a truly wireless x1 headset that may or may not work with chat. I paid $120 for my pulse elite headset for my PS3, and now it works for PS4 flawlessly. One headset for two systems and it's truly wireless, comfortable, and affordable.

surely MS can release something truly wireless, with their billions of dollars.


not a troll thread just disapponted with my X1 as of now. Sub par hardware, overpriced, Kinect doesn't work half the time; I'm not loving it at all. Which is hard for me, since I don't like playstation that much. The software is *** and the controller sucks, especially the triggers. But its undeniable that it's clearly the better (and cheaper) system at this point, even with garbage sony software and servers.

TL;DR, where's my truly wireless headset?


i posted this in a couple forums because I was unsure how many people visit those other forums.


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They will be coming, I am waiting for these....until then I use my old set, which sound great.

Amen to that!!! Xbox one still doesn't have a truly wireless headset! It's like they went backward in time. My brother in law and husband and I still complain about what a joke it is to be teathered to your headset. And don't even set it on the counter to get something out of the fridge because you will forget to pick it back up and it will go crashing to the floor while ripping out of your ear.  And the 360 chat headset that attaches to your ear does not work with xbox one. Also we bought an expensive turtle beach that we discovered you cannot hear yourself talk in. Really Microsoft, it's been a while, what is so difficult about making a truly wireless headset, what we're you thinking, does anyone care????

There are 3 truly wireless XB1 headsets I believe. The Turtle Beach 420x / 500x / 800x. Now I have personally used the 500p (the PlayStation version of the 500x). For the money these are really good. Great sound and the 7.1 DTS surround sound works really well. The battery life was pretty good as well (about 15 hours).

I now own the Elite 800 (PlayStation version of 800x but the 800 works with XB1 as well). There 800 and the 800x are the exact same headset. Only difference being the 800 works with pretty much everything. But for XB1 you need a chat adapter. The 800x is for XB1 only and is fully wireless even for chat.

Again great sound and the 7.1 surround sound is amazing. Even has custom profile audio settings for the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty you can download from the Turtle Beach Audio Hub. Again battery life is again really good but not as good as the 420x. About 10 hours with the 800/800x.

OP I know you want a turly wireless headset. But if I where you I would just stick to the Pulse Elite. They also work on XB1 (in case you did not know). Obviously you have to connect the headset to the controller via wire. So not what you are looking for but at least you won't have to buy yet another headset right?

If you must have 100% wireless for the XB1. Then the 420x/500x/800x is what you are looking for. Again if you have both a PS4 and XB1 then get the PlayStation version of the 500p or 800p as these work with XB1. But you need the Turtle Beach chat cable from headset to controller for XB1 chat.

^For those of us who already have a SS System in our home, this is a waste of $. Why would I want to spend hundred(s) more for a headset that does what I already have? Not to mention there isn't a headset out there that will be lighter and less in the way than the wireless earpiece that was available for the 360. I'd wear that all day long before I'd want to wear a set of earmuffs that would completely isolate me from the rest of my household while I'm gaming.

^ neighbours and family members sleeping........depends on an individual's home circumstances, my last property was a flat and I simply couldn't use my Ruark Talisman speaker set up to game without disturbing neighbours, so my Turtle Beaches were a fantastic investment.   Since I bought my house and noise isn't so much of an issue I let the Ruarks rip and don't use the Turtles hardly at all.  

^Hence my point... I'm apparently in the situation you're in at present. You don't use the Turtles hardly at all... that tells me what you have now, combined with the fact that you don't need to be as careful with volume levels, must have an aspect of appeal that outweighs the 'Turtles'. Difference is, you already have them... I do not... and have no desire to waste $ unnecessarily for something I don't even want, let alone have need for.

Not  suggesting you needed em Blue, just suggesting why they can come in useful depending on the personal circumstances..   Even in circumstances such as ours there may be times when a family member doesn't want to be disturbed by gunfire, racing enjgines etc.    good to have both worlds I reckon.  

True enough @Genchy. Nothing wrong with having both if you want them. I guess I'm just a bit irked that we still don't have a plain old wireless earpiece type headset like the one for the 360.

For those of us who don't want/need a full headset, we're pretty much stuck with the std headset and tethered to the controller. One really can't appreciate how much freedom that little wireless earpiece allows until it isn't available anymore.

You know, I'm not even sure why you are replying here Blue. You don't need a headset because you have some big fancy soundsystem, we get that. Why you can't understand why anyone would want a headset when "they can use speakers" is stupefying and funny. You basically came in here to say "I don't need them, so why does anyone?" What you've done is equivalent to going into a motorcycle forum and telling everyone to just get a car because that's what you personally use.

Not sure if you can see how incredibly unhelpful and trollish that actually is. Please try to remember that not everybody is you, and some may want a headset instead of speakers! Novel concept eh?

Second of all, this thread was created over a year ago. Stop necroing old threads.

Also, I've already found a truly wireless headset, a $300 one with Dolby surround and optical output. Except I don't use it with Xbox one. I've sold that piece of junk and I've moved on to PS4 after they abandoned the kinect after flat out categorically saying "we will never unbundle kinect".  Guess that was just another lie. Never before have I seen a company shaft early adopters so hard.

By the way, headset is truly wireless on PS4 and the sound quality is amazing. If you want to use it on Xbox one you need to spend money on a chat adapter and also run a cable to your controller.

Enjoy your console boys.

I dont really understand why not either, sure there would be a market,  I would buy one as I hate the standard one.   Although since owning my One I do a lot less party sessions than I used to for some reason,  I just got back into into solo gaming and realised how much I was missing with a load of folk prattling in my ear,  wasn't doing so much MP either so just changed habits I guess.

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