Trouble with "Xbox On" command

I had absolutely no trouble with all voice commands I tried with Kinect, except for the "Xbox On" command. 

I have to try several times and it only works when I use a weird accent saying "Xbox (pause) ohnn" kinda like a stereotypical russian accent.

Is anybody having a similar experience with this command? Tips, suggestions?



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I don't have an Xbox One but it's weird. It works for most people and then for others it just doesnt. I think it all depends on how you say "On" my guess is it wants you to say on like how i'ts spelled so instead of (AAHN) you need to say "AAWN"

it's all about how you say things really so it can recognize it. I heard it doesn't understand some accents as well which is kinda sad but, then again it is technology and it can't do everything so eh.

It would be cool if you could train your Kinect to yours and other house members voice.

I manage to make it work after several attempts. I still didn't get what I do differently when it works. Because I repeat several times in a row, my wife says that I sound like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory knocking on Penny's door...