Trouble with controller using windows media player

Sorry guys if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

When I start the windows media player on my Xbox everything loads up fine but the controller will not move to photo or video form me to watch.

In fact the only button that works is the middle Xbox logo button which brings up the mini dashboard.

Any ideas how to get this working again?

Many Thanks in advance



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I know you've stated Media Player, but I can't help but think you mean Media Center (with the blue background & "tiles")?

If that is the case then I'd also guess you are using a wireless network for PC - Xbox streaming?

I could go on, but I let you confirm that before I waste your time spewing on about things that may be totally unrelated!! :D

Hi Lewgiffard,

Sorry yes i meant Media Centre but both my PC and Xbox have wired connections to my router (but xbox and pc are in different rooms



Hmm, That is highly irregular on an all wired network, as there should be no interruption of the RPC session, which is usually the culprit.

Could you try a double tap of the Start button (or Green Button on Media Remote) during the WMC splash screen (when the lame *duh, duh, duh* chime plays).

If that fails to force a start, then head to Event Viewer on your PC (just press the Start button & type it in) and see if you can find an Event ID code (click Apps & Services on the left, then Media Center in the middle).

Of course if you are just want to watch avi, mov & mp4 or play music then you can always use the much more simpler Windows Media Player to My Xbox \ Video Library option instead.


It is working at the moment next time it goes wrong i will try what you have said.

Many Thanks