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bought an xbox 360 from my friend that was in college and he had played on it about 20-40 times and when I went to get on got the status code for a banned console. the xbox has never been tampered or 'moded' I can send it in to be inspected but would be easier to lift ban. we both are dumbfounded by this and so is his roommate because they hardly played it cause they like ps3 more and im sticking with xbox and will switch soon cause all the *** is getting old.


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If the console is banned,   there is nothing you can do.   Please, contact your friend for a refund.   Always be wary of purchasing used products....    GOOD LUCK!!!

I'd never buy a used console.

A console can be banned for other reasons not just for modding the console. 

The Enforcement Team does not ban random consoles, there was a reason for it.

Maybe your friend or his roommate forgot to tell you something ;)

Im sure the reason your friend didnt play it was because he knew it was banned.See if theres a sticker on the back side.It will say 360 and have a QR reader code .Its located above the power cord plug in and a little to the right on the seam between the top and bottom pieces.If the console has been opened this sticker will be missing or damaged.

the sticker is there and they had a ps3 so didn't mess with the 360 at all. and they have been trying to figure the problem out too

Maybe it wasn't them.  But it was someone.  Someone was using that console for some ban-worthy shenanigans, because as stated before, the Xbox Policy Enforcement Team doesn't just ban consoles randomly and for no reason.  Bottom line, I'd recommend getting your money back from them, let them figure out what else to do with the console.  Selling a non-functioning console to someone you call a friend isn't exactly very friendly.  Get yourself a system on sale on Black Friday, maybe.

Yeah I would contact your friend to request money back, let him deal with the problem. Your best bet is to go to the support forum/suspension topic area and see why your console was banned.

That reminds me of my friend who bought a used 360 from Craigslist.  The person said it had been "barely used"...uhhh yeah!  My friend paid too much for it too and of course it didn't work when he got it.