Tropico 5 not coming to Xbox One...

so if its suppose to be easy to port pc games to xbox one having the same architecture then why is it im finding out more and more games are postponed and/or not being made for the X1 but obviously not a licensing problem because they're being made for the 360.  Spiderman 2 and now Tropico 5 that I know of, Im sure they're are others...are developers really having this kind of coding issues given the ESram?  It appears to be the case.


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Well first, it's up to the developer. Two, just because it's easy doesn't mean it'll be cheap. Three, the Xbox 360 has a larger audience. Four, they may be waiting for the DX12 updates after E3. Five... Well there is no five, but I was on a roll! :P

There's no ps3 version either so i'd just assume they are only interested in hitting big number markets.

Personally this game got a bit stale for me, unless 5 is seriously spruced up i won't be losing sleep over it but yeah it is getting a bit tragic not having games out that are on the competitor console and i guess the porting will still take time regardless of ease, maybe next year for this one lol

It's coming to the PS4 later this year so Kalypso doesn't appear to have a problem with the limited player base on the next gen systems or the additional cost for developing it.

If developers are waiting for DX12 we are in big trouble.

Up to yet I've personally been lucky that the games being delayed/canned on XB1 haven't been "must have" titles, same for Tropico 5, maybe pick it up when it was cheap but not on day one.

However I don't think it means impending doom for the XB1 lol but got to admit it is a little concerning, I mean people can say, "I don't want this game so who cares", trouble is what if it happens with a game they really want?

I just hope this doesn't become a trend for other titles, at the very least it would be nice to know what the issue is?

Now if this all happend on the ps4 no one would comment or care

Oh i dunno about that, this side of the fence can be just as bad at times and i can feel pretty certain that it would be served full speed in the troll threads that fire up had it been, like i use exclusive games, or they use indie etc, every little thing, is a bullet in the chamber lol

Of course deep down i know i will one day own a ps4, when i see Gran Turismo i'll start considering it lol

that statements ignorant N7 Ghostz..of course people care when games they'd enjoy playing don't come to their preferred does others im in no rush to play this game because tropico 3 was the last Tropico I owned...and had buyer's remorse on that one.  I just think its weird once again another game is coming to xbox 360 but not to xbox 1 (at least nothing announced thus far).  

Looks like I am going with the PS4 version then.

I think they're passing up on the Xbox One because they'll have a larger consumer base with those who bought Tropico 4 for 360. The game was not previously available on the PlayStation, so starting with the PS4 isn't a bad idea. We'll see...

Haemimont Games responded to a comment I left on one of their YouTube videos and said they have no plans with bringing it to the One.  Any reasoning for this is purely speculative.  I LOVED Tropico 3 & 4 on the 360, but they ran like complete crap, so I was hoping for a One release to at least help with frame rate issues.

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