Tritton Warhead 7.1 release on 12/17 for $260 (RUMOR)

I have been looking for any information on these headsets.  I currently own a pair of Tritton AX Pros and although I had a few issues with them, they are awesome at what they do.

Lot's of people have been looking for information regard the Warheads 7.1's and although Mad Cats/Tritton haven't announced anything regarding the release date and the price, a lot of websites have started posting the release date as the 15th of December with a price tag of $259.99

Not official, but if you're like me and have been waiting for these then hopefully the info comes in handy


Amazon (no price or release date)

CDUniverse (price tag $266)

Amazon UK (price tag £199 and release date of Dec 31)

NewEgg (price tag of $259.99 and release date of Dec 31)

Again nothing is final but it seems like the most certain date is Dec 15 with a price of $259.99 in the U.S.

As for the 12/31/2011 release date: A lot of companies do this when they are not certain when a product will be coming out, I'm sure they will update the date once they get an official date. 


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These will be my first pair ANY gaming headsets. I'm just waiting for an official release date so I can pre-order. is already taking pre orders and gamestop online. I haven't asked gamestop on person yet, that's tomorrow.

WOW! I really hope it sounds as amazing as it looks. I might just pick one up. If it does release on the 15th, which is less than a month away, why not announce it already?

An update as of 6th December for anyone interested:

  •    Amazon UK still has them listed as 31st December.
  •    Some sites are also saying January 2012 now.
  •    GAME (UK high street and web retailer -where I currently have my pre-order)  have not updated their page in a month, and it still states                                           -"PRE-ORDER: RELEASE DATE 2nd DECEMBER"

--so no help there....

The official Tritton website still only says "coming soon" - which imo is a bad sign and suggests they haven't got them ready to even plan a release yet.

I know Darkon X has been hopeful that they will be released mid December, but I'm less optimistic.

I think sites  like Amazon and GAME would be updating their pages as soon as they get definite info, to try and get as many pre-orders as possible.

The fact that they haven't done so by 6th December makes me think there is little or no chance that we will see them this year.

....TBH, the fact that the official page hasn't even got an estimated date (you'd expect at least 'xmas 2011', or 'Q1 2012') is starting to make me worry that they may be vapourware....

I really hope that last point isn't right!

more than happy with my astro gaming A40 and A30's.....

but he warheads do look good but i would imagine they are very heavy compared to my astro headphones....



...seems my rather pessimistic view above is right;

AMAZON UK have just updated their page to now say release date is January 31, 2012

....and still no word/change on the official Tritton page

Gamestop has it posted that the release date is March 15, 2012. Unfortunate.

I'm with you.  I was really hoping they would release this before the holidays but all fingers point at a 2012 release.  Madcatz really screwed up.

Kinda price hefty, but very nice look and specs though. I can see why diehards would want them. I agree with other posters that Madcatz screwed up not releasing those badboys for the holidays. I ended up with the Tritton Detonator and im very happy with it.

I am patiently waiting for these to come out. I am most excited about the wireless chat feature. I had owned a pair of turtle beach x41s and they were terrible for xbox live chat. The release date of next year blows, but I rather have a quality product.

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