Tritton, Turtle Beach, Sharkoon, which headset is best?

I'm looking to purchase a new gaming headset after my previous one (the older Tritton AX 720 model) was destroyed unintentionally by my little sister. I've done a lot of research on headsets but the majority of reviews online are all fanboy based with the Tritton side saying the Turtle Beaches are absolute crap and vice versa. I'm hoping that maybe the Xbox Community could give me some personal reviews and maybe some less biased crapola.

The ones I'm currently looking at are as follows...

-Tritton AX 720 (2012 model) *Almost bought this today since I loved the older model so much*

-Tritton AX Pro

-Turtle Beach DX12 w/ the DSS2 sound processor *This is my 2nd choice right now*

-Sharkoon X-Tatic SR

-Sharkoon X-Tacitc True 5.1

I'm probably missing a few good headsets so feel free to list any that I've not listed. PLEASE NOTE - My budget is anywhere between $50-$150, I would like them to work on the PC as well (not a requirement though), and I don't want a wireless headset.


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People can offer you good ones but at the end of the day no one knows you better than y-o-u. I would say go Tritton AX 720 though. Good luck though.

Yea, everyone's opinion is gonna be different based on their experiences, preferences, etc.

For example, I'd own Turtle Beach's and love them, while hearing shaking things about Trittons.  But many people, even a few of my friends, have the complete opposite opinion.  

Since you don't want a wireless may I recommend the Turtle Beach DXL1s.   They are wired have 5.1 Dolby Digital(if you have HDMI hookup)  and surround sound with 6 different angle settings as well as 8 different equalizer settings.   They also work for the PC and cost me just 100 dollars.

I don't have a 360 gaming headset and was looking into buying a set. I have read countless reviews on a lot of the headsets. From the reviews I have read awful reviews on Turtle Beaches, my friends say that they are great and have yet to have a problem. Then the same for Trittons. Like DancerGirl said, it's just down to you and what is best to you. Good luck on the purchase. I'd like to hear your thoughts on whichever headset you choose. If they are great I will have to go an purchase a set for myself. :)

If I had the available cash - I'd buy the Astro A50 Wreless!

In my honest opinion, I LOVE my Tritton AX 720's, but I have to say that the AX Pro headset has better sound at a slightly higher price point. I sure am looking forward to trying out the Warhead though. Why don't you get those? 100% wireless.

I love turtlebeach personally...just my opinion though.

Hey Black Wolf,

The number one thing you need to take a look at is, durability, and support. This is also entirely based on your own household. I personally have one TurtleBeach and several wired headsets from other companies. As for my TurtleBeach the market is a bit larger, giving me the impression that support is there.

Specifically with Warranty and knowledge base. Also TurtleBeach offers many of its parts to fix it yourself. This is probably the most affordable choice in the long run. You have to think long term.

Ive read many reviews about how Tritons start to fail and can be difficult to fix unless you know what your doing. Though I believe your own research will help you a lot more.

I have the Triton AX720 and it is a dream. Awesome sound and separate controls for the voice and the game volume is definitely a plus. I would suggest that.

i have a pair of earforce x11 i got them for 25 bucks off of tiger direct a few months back and i love them but i also dont have any hate for other brands because just wearing a head set is way better so look at the little things that make them different and see wat u think is best for u but i wouldnt get the same model as ur old ones because then u will never know if theres something better out there  

After listening/playing with multiple gaming headsets, I would have to say the Turtle Beach has the best overall performance.

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