Tritton Kunai wireless gaming headset & XB1??

Hello, I had a quick question about a headset I just purchased, bc I am getting conflicting answers, and I need to know for sure. 

I purchased the, "Kunai wireless gaming headset" (

and I was assured by the store that it would work with my Xbox One, no problem. Well, when I went to use it, I don't see any connections included that would connect the headset properly. I did some digging online, and found info on a Xbox One adapter, but what I wanted to know was this, 1) Can I use this headset, with full functionality, "without the, "Xbox 1 stereo adapter", as is? 2) Would I still need the adapted if I were to purchase the new Xbox 1 controller with the 3.5mm jack, and would the headset then function fully? 

I just spent $90 on this headset, and I'm hoping I didn't buy a paperweight, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :) 


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