tritton headsets

this may be the wrong place for this if it is I am sorry im a huge fan of Tritton headsets am looking to upgrade currently using 720 which were discontinued and I would like to upgrade looking at the warheads 7.1 its a 5.8GHZ Frequency can someone tell me how safe this will be I play around 13+hrs a day and will be wearing the headest for about 6-8 of hours thank you for the help :D


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Yeah, the radio waves coming off those suckers will definitely cause some major mental damage.

Actually, you'll be perfectly fine. If they weren't safe they wouldn't sell them without a warning of some sort about prolonged exposure.

Don't buy them! they break WAY too easily! seriously. I had a pair and they DIED after about a month.

I have a pair of Detonators that work fine except the microphone isn't sensitive enough and everyone I talk to says it sounds like I am talking from far away, even with the mic mm from my mouth. So I use them for watching videos on my PC.

I have the detonator. its awesome.