Tritton Headset

Hi People,

I'm Looking to buy a tritton detonator headset ,

And wondered if anyone had one and what their views are and can it be reccomended as a fairly good headset,

Microphone and sound wise.



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I have the trigger headset, I know it is a lower model, but I recommend Tritton, I find them much more comfortable and clearer for game sound and chat than Turtle Beach

I am getting the ax720 they are the best my friend has one i use his all the time i make kids mad by turning on them.i suggest them they are only 150$.But it is all personal prefernse .

I have the HALO4 Triggers...amazing headset for £40

there a good headset mate but personally i like TB and im currently using the x42's easily the best ive ever used and they only set me back £150

Astro A40's, cant go wrong.

I have Triton AX Pros and prefer them over TB.

Turtle beach are much better than tritton however Astros are better than both