Tritton AX180 Headset strange problem...

Hello guys.

I'm posting here 'cause i don't know where to post my problem. If the section is wrong, I apologize.

So, here's my problem:
I bought Tritton AX180 Headset two months ago. It was doing his job in the past month and I was enjoying my gaming experience with those headset.

But then, all of the sudden, like about three weeks ago, it started to reproduce sounds only on the left speaker. I put all of the cables correctly in my 360, like the green input for audio and the USB. But I don't know, it doesn't seem to work on my 360 anymore. I tried to use another TV but it's the same exact problem.
I state that the right speaker of the headset works just fine. i tried the AX180 on my computer and the audio is reproduced in the correct way: in both speakers obviously.

So please, if anyone could help me, I'll be thankful a lot.

Thanks for your help ;)


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Have you tried hooking your headset up to your TV (via "audio out" inputs) instead of you 360? That may help you figure whether it is the headset or the 360 doing something wrong...

Also, the green cable? Aren't you using the red/white RCA attachments to hook up the set? The green jack is a 3.5mm audio jack (like any normal stereo headset), and thus fragile. Like any pair of headphones, if you've been plugging and unplugging them frquently, they tend to fail and lose sound in one side.

I have a pair of AX 180's; two actually. The first set broke and had to be sent to Mad Catz for a replacement. I wouldn't be suprised if your set was defective or broken.

Yes I use the red and white RCA attachments to set up the headset. But also, as I've seen in many videos on YT on how to set up that headset, the attachments for the red and white cable comes with the 3.55mm audio jack and you need to connect that jack also with the USB into the 360.

Anyway, sorry if I'm noob about these things but how can I hook the headset into my TV in the way that the sound comes out of my headset?

Thanks for replying.

To get sound from your TV (instead of only your 360) hook the headset's RCA cable (red and white) into your TV's "Audio Out" inputs.

Assuming you have them, that is- I recently bought a new TV and had to buy a dongle to adapt my headset for use on the set...

Once you get that squared away, you'll get sound from anything connected to the TV (PS3, 360, TV channels etc)...

Oh God I'm so noob at this lol. Sorry if I'm wasting your time.

The headset has only 3 inputs: USB, 3.5mm audio jack (the green one) and 3.5mm microphone jack (the pink one). The headset came with the red and white cable attachments that has the 3.5mm audio connector for output (I can't really explain it, so I'll link to you a picture: [View:])

I gotta put those in my RCA audio out inputs on the TV?

Thanks a lot for you help.

^ You got it. Do that and you should be good to go (assuming your headset is functioning well).

Ok, I put my RCA cable with the 3.5mm output into the Audio Out R/L and I can't hear a damn thing.

What does it mean? That my headset is broken or something? I hope not, 'cause I paid 40€ for it.

But how is it possible if I plug the headset into my PC it works just fine?

If when you plugged your headset into your RCA "Audio Out" jacks you heard nothing, it sounds like you may have a defective set.

When you tried it, you did put the USB plug into a powered source, right?

What does it mean? Btw, nope, I didn't put the USB plug anywhere. I just plugged the RCA audio cables into the Audio Out ports.

^ You'll still need to plug your USB plug into a power source for the headset to work. Give it a try and let us know if that solves the problem...

Ok, I put the USB cable into the an USB power source and the sound is reproduced only on the left side, as always.

How that can be possible? I'm testing the headset now on my computer again and it works fine, it reproduces the sound in both headphones.

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