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So I just got them because my TB DX 11's headphones went bad for the third time.  After one to two months, one of the speakers would start to rattle.  I never even played them too loud.   I really liked the sound of the DX 11's but the quality of their speakers is obviously ***.   Luckily my warenty covered all of them and allowed me to upgrade to the Pros for only a little more.  My problem is I can't seem to adjust the settings right.  One particular aspect in any given game always sounds weird. 


What are your ideal settings?  Settings that seem OK to me: Fronts-high white, Rears-middle white, Centers-low white, Subs-low white (LFD2).  Fronts-middle white, Rears-high white, Centers-low white, Subs-low white (Black OPs).  I know the inside of the case suggests 321?, respectively.  I've seen conflicting videos on whether this means colors, or number of toggles apart.  Also, do you mess with the time delay settings?


Please help me!


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I like my TB X11. Game Volume. Chat Volume. Done. 

I had those. They suck.  I remember my old $60 wired ones (the older generation). They had fantastic bass. The new $60 ones have absolutely no bass whatsoever. I don't know how anyone would actually want those. I returned them immediately, as they were horrible. The TB DX 11's own those, but they're made with crappy material. Obviously TB makes their headphones with cheaper material these days.  Btw, you didn't help me troll.

 Wow take a pill. I can see your getting tons of help here. Maybe you need more help then you can get from the Forums.

No.  I just don't need some jack*** trolling.  Make sense?  And it hasn't been long since the original post.  Hopefully there is someone out there with the same headphones, who sees this thread, who is willing to help.  I'd rather have no replies than have a idiotic reply from an idiot.  :)

I have had the pros for a long time. Biggest thing I check for first in a game is if has different options for Headphones, Hifi, or 5.1 Home Theater System and always select the Home Theater System because like a full setup the AXPros have discreet drivers for each channel.


As for channel volume selection I normally keep them all the same except the sub channel. Biggest reason is the bass driver is the one that is easiest to blow out and get that awful rattling. I have had to RMA mine two times for this. One was the first model, then I got back a revision 2, and the third one I got back was the one which was designed during or after being bought by Madcatz. Of  those three each had a different color area that was loud enough for me and the latest is blue just under white or two toggles into white. Then just select the bass level that doesn't sound over saturated for whichever game.


Other things are you might try is to go one toggle down or up on is the center channel volume to help with the simulation of vertical audio ques. Since the front and rear stereo sets are the same drivers the best way to get a greater positional effect is the MS delay you can add from the decoder box which works, but can be tricky to nail a setting that works in all games. Plus while messing with the decoder max the volume out on it so you don't have to turn the inline remote up any more than you need to.


For movies with 5.1 I keep everything the same because games vary quite a bit in the sound engine they use, while movies have had the advantage of person going through and balancing the 5.1 channel dB levels

Ah thanks for that. Yeah I tried settig everything to about the same and it sounds pretty damn good. It is disconcerting to hear you had rattling from a speaker that went bad. That's why I brought back THREE TB DX 11's!  If these have the same problem I will be forced to buy some sort of professional studio headphones. *** we already have headphones that are about the same price lol.