Trials HD riddle?



While playing this game i haven't even found any of those



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Interesting read not to mention very cool finding out about all those secret areas. I think I stumbled on a couple by accident but didn't think anything of it at the time.



Fairly sure i've Fatshady post in here a few times if it's the same guy. If so well done mate, fascinating read

Hmmmm,never played the game myself . All looks a bit intriguing.

Love Trials and cant wait for the new one , but never seen any of this before great reading !!


Dainja would highly recommend mate , great game!!

I've seen quite a lot of them, but I've never really bothered wondering what most of it means. To be honest, I don't think there is an answer, but time may prove me wrong...


Nice to see Shady's name up in lights though

Hey man. I almost forgot about you lot.. I did spend a bunch of time in here competing with you.. but never thought to come back and let you know about this. Sorry lads.

But yep, it is me and glad you liked it. Is ACAB still around,... if you want to post this in the competition thread Cav that would be awesome mate... spread the word!

Yeah Shady ACAB is still about kicking @@@ but the Trials league has took a nose dive with all tracks being played so we are taking a breather until the release of Trials Evolution when it will start back up again and I for one cant wait !!