which is the newest game? and is it still popular online? 


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I believe the last game for the 360 was, Transformers Dark of the Moon ( I believe that's what it was called )


I personally really enjoyed it but couldn't say whether it is still active online.

Wait for fall of Cybertron in the Autumn as DOM I believe is dead online

The original 'War of Cybertron' was one of the most fun online games I've played, and as far as I know, should still be fairly popular too, even more so than DotM.

Like the poster above me said, there's a new (unannounced) Cybertron game due out this year or next which will be the direct sequel to WfC. If you can't wait for that though (which is understandable), then I fully recommend Transformers: War for Cybertron. 


Didn't know it had a confirmed release date, that slipped under the radar!

Thanks man. 


(opens new tab, types shopto, orders, pays in advance!)