Transferring info from old Xbox to new one

I have no idea about the Xbox so appreciate any plain speaking help thanks. My childrens xbox has broke, yet again, and while I have said I would not be replacing it as it has been nothing but trouble due to having spent a lot of money on games and LIVE membership I guess I have to.

We have a white Xbox 360 with external hard drive but the new xbox's have internal HDD am I right in thinking they would not be able to attach their old hard drive to a new xbox? I have read that everything is stored under their log in so what is actually stored on the hard drive? What will they be losing if the info/data cannot be transferred? Is there any way to transfer whatever is on their hard drive onto a new xbox? I have read about cables but posts were over a year old so don't know if they apply now to the new xbox's.

There are a few Q's there I would appreciate any help with. I'm not a total idiot where gaming is concerned :-) but not interested in how an xbox works, just how it will impact on my kids. If they are going to lose important stuff and have to start over again I will cut my loses (all the games and newly purchased live membership) and xbox can shove it up their bottoms :-) as I am fed up with having to pay for their shoddy goods. I have had to pay for the 6 discs which have been 'chewed', games I have bought which have refused to play and the countless controller and battery packs which last all of 2 minutes. Nah I'm not a fan of a console which has been the most expensive ever, I have 5 of the oppositions consoles and they are all working (versions 1,2 & 3) and they haven't cost me as much as an xbox or given me any trouble. Sorry I needed that :-)


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The new 360's hard drive is different and not compatible with the old version, though it's still accessible and not really an internal drive. All game saves, arcade games, add-ons, music, video, and etc is stored on the hard drive. Transfer cables are still an option and can be found on eBay for fairly cheap. Or if you have a USB flash drive then you can also use that to transfer content. Even if the USB drive isn't big enough to fit everything at once, you can still copy a bit at a time until it's all moved. See the link below for detailed instructions:

Once you're done with that you'll also want to follow the instructions from the link below to transfer his content licenses to the new Xbox.

A USB drive will be a hassle though since you'd need another Xbox 360 that allows the hard drive, then take the files you want and move them onto the USB then move them onto the Slim. Your best best as Lestat said, would be those transfer cables. It's really up to you how much money and etc you're willing to save.

Ohh yea... I guess it depends on what exactly is is wrong with the old Xbox, whether it will still turn on, and if it allow you to access the hard drive. If not, then a USB won't help much unless you can borrow a friend's console or something like that.

Also regarding the "chewed" games, make sure your kids have the Xbox laying flat instead of standing on it's side, and make sure it's never moved or bumped while a game is being played or the disc could be scratched. It's also a good idea to install games to the hard drive so the disc isn't constantly spinning - That saves the disc drive from wearing out and lessens the potential for discs to be scratched. I've played a fair amount of games over the years and never had my Xbox scratch a disc.

Thanks for the links and info. I know they have bought games and map packs and such with points but I assumed that is 'stored' under their log in. My kids probably know all that I'm asking here but I'm trying to decide if I will be replacing their xbox or not without having to deal with whining kids promising me the earth if i do :-)

Not sure what extent the damage is. It was self inflicted this time, I believe the console was knocked while playing a game it 'sizzled and screeched' before shutting down. Not 100% sure what the kids did immediately after but its not been turned on since. Thanks for the advice about laying it flat and this is what they do as a disc has never played when its on its side. Disc chewing started when I bought Halo and to this day I have never been able to get a copy of this to play, it was just that game and many discs were tried until the store refused to take the unplayable discs back for an exchange. Since then it will take a dislike to random games which are all useless now. Very frustrating as there is no reason or pattern to it. I am on a downer about xbox as I have never had any problems with their rivals consoles all of which still work and are many moons old (except the 2 x version 3's I have) yet nothing but problems with the xbox. I will certainly look into downloading a disc if I get this console to work or buy a new one.  

The white boxes had a tendency to fail so I wouldn't repair it. Buy a new box and the transfer cable and you won't even lose data.

Transfer cable, get the new Xbox slim it transfers across everything and you're good to go.

If you are going to go the Transfer Cable route (which is highly suggested, as it will move data that is otherwise not able to be moved any other way) be sure you steer clear of Ebay, and get one at your local retailer. The official cables will be able to attach to the older HDD, as well as the new HDD if you need it down the road. A lot of Ebay sellers are "moving" older/unofficial cables which are basically useless.


A heads up, even with using the data transfer cable you will need to log into the account on the new xbox and do a license transfer and "redownload the data", truthfully it just update what xbox has the rights to play that content.

Thanks peeps, you've given me enough info to get by....The kids are trying to decide if they can round up the money to buy a new console.