Transferring Files/Game Saves/Etc. From Old X1 To New X1

Was fortunate enough to get the new Halo 5 Guardians themed X1 on pre-order even though I already have a regular ole' 500Gb X1 so I'll need to transfer everything over to the new one. I have a 2 Tb  Western Digital USB 3.0 external hard drive with all my game saves and files on it. Is it just as simple as putting everything onto that and putting it all on the new console or am I missing a step or missing something else? Just wanna make sure Im not having to reinstall updates I have saved. If I have to reinstall games thats fine by me. Also do I install games first without the updates first and then transfer everything over or does it matter in which order I do that in? Just don't wanna mess anything up or have any corrupt files in the process. One more thing, I'll be selling this old console so what all do I need to delete or remove so noone has access to old information? Thanks for any input, much appreciated.


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Game saves are stored in the cloud, and will be synced to your new Xbox One whenever you go to play one of your games.

To move your games it's as simple as going to "Manage Game" and selecting "Move All". Any updates that have been downloaded for the game since it was installed are applied to the game and will be included when you move it to a new storage device. There should be no reinstalling of games or updates after you transfer everything.

Once you have everything transferred and you want to prepare your old console for sale, just go to Settings > System > Restore Factory Defaults. All content and accounts will be deleted.