Transferring DLC/XBL content from old to new Xbox.

Hi everybody!


I wondered if someone her could help me with something?

The problem I have, is that I purchased a new Xbox Slim 4Gb together with Battlefield3, and I get a harddrvie for the new console this week.

From before I use a Xbox Pro 60Gb.

When I got home from the store, I set up the new console to play BF3 Multiplayer, but to get into the Xbox S' userinterface, I had to recover my gamertag from XBLive.

I tried moving it from the old console to a memorystick, but I couldn't move it to the new console. I couldn't even move it back to my old console after I'd set up the new Xbox!

So my question is, after searching for help on the issue: How do I use the License Transfer Utility? Does all the content (DLC's,XBL Games etc) need to be on the internal harddrive on thhe old Xbox Pro when I run the utility, or can I use external USB-drives and memorysticks as well, as long as they are connected?

And if the uploading of licenses work, can I copy the content from the old Xbox Pro to the Xbox Slim using external USB-drive and memorysticks? Or is it mandatory that I use the transfer kit cable?

After trying to use BF3 on the new console, I now can't play any of my DLC offline anymore on the old console even! And since my network connection isn't that stable, I would like to get this fixed if possible. ;-) There's thousans of dollars worh of content on the old console, so I would hate to lose it.

I also read that I can't use the license transfer utility more than once a year, and others say I can use it every 4 months. Anyway, 4 months is too long time, so can I play the Battelfield3 Limited Edition codes on the old console now, for playing multiplayer (which I haven't dared to try yet,and which was the main reason for buying the game and the new Xbox in the first place.) Is it safe to play it and use all the codes that followed the game, until I get my harddrive for the new Xbox, and then transfer alll the content over to the new conaole after the harddive is installed?

I never guessed there would be so much trouble buying a Xbox Slim 4Gb, it should at least warned me that this problem would occur, but done is done. I think Microsoft should reconsider, and NOT sell Xbox'es without a harddrive, since there is so many that get problems when trying to change from one console to the new one,although I understand it's a price issue. But I think people will prefer to pay the extra bucks for the Xbox with the harddrive, if they know what type of problems they could get into by not having storage space on their new console. I could be wrong, but I honestly believe this. :) But it can also be a way to sell the new Xbox S 4Gb cheap, and then make the users "have" to buy a harddrive at twice- or tree times the price of a harddrive for a laptop. And it's the same drifve!


I would appreciate any help from users with the same, or similar problems as I have, or from Microsoft, that makes the best console on earth, and I've owned them all, from all brands through the years. ;-)

But I also hope they take a look at how many users are getting problems when transferring content from an old to a new Xbox, and do something about it. ;-)

And lastly, sorry for my bad english.... ;-)




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You really only need to transfer your game saves usuing the flash drives or data transfer cable. You can use either one to transfer your data, the cable is just usually easier and faster.

As far as your downloaded content goes, you can either move it over the same way or just redownload it all during the license transfer. The license transfer requires that you redownload your content, however if you already have it saved to the new hard drive, it won't take as long to download. The license transfer will also fix it so you can play the content offline again.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how the online passes will work for games like Battlefield 3 so I'm not sure if you should add them now or not. Hopefully someone else can help out.

Also, the consoles without a hard drive is nothing new. They've had arcade versions since the console was released that came with very little internal memory. The 4gb is just the largest they've released.

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