Transferring Data/Licenses etc

Ok, sat at work and just got a tweet off the missus.

daddies day gift for @lavindathar :-) [Mod Removed]

If you cba opening the link, it's one of the new slims. Anyway, I own 2 elites at the moment and obviously I'm gonna transfer all my saved data/licenses across to the new console.

But, I have no idea how to do it. Do I get a data xfer cable in with the slim by any chance? Or do I need to go and buy one?

Do I xfer the licenses and game data at the same time? Or is it two seperate processes?

Will I lose anything off my old HDD? Or will EVERYTHING (saves/themes/Dlc/Avatar items/profiles) all be carried across?


I'm also going to trade in one of my Elites now (don't need 3 boxes), so once I've done the transfer is the old HDD empty (data was moved) or is it still full (data was copied). If so, how do I wipe it clean?



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For your licenses use this.

For your gamesaves just copy them onto a USB.

Well unless the phone system allows anonymous uploads, you must be a member of the Lockerz site in order to upload pictures to it.


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I'm genuinely surprised you've never heard of Lockerz, as it wasn't that long ago the forum was being spammed by people with their Lockerz links in order to earn points for their rewards, all of which were oddly out of stock once they wanted to order them. It was/is a notorious referral scam site.


They may have added an air of 'legitimacy' these days by being a members only image host, but they also operate the same referral system as before.


Connect them to the same TV and switch between the AV channels.

Yeah guess I'll do it that way.

Any idea how long it takes to xfer 120gb of data? Just so I can try to plan it.

And Vote, what do you mean via referral points? Lockerz is  what the HTC Andriod phones upload to by default. I don't use the site, just hosts the pictures I want for free. So no idea about points or anything like that.

Np Vote. I dont go in for those referral things. Only reason I use it is when I upload off my phone it goes there atuomatically. I think once my phone uploaded to Yfrog, but overall its lockers.

Well, I'll try doing it tonight maybe. If I'm allowed, technically I cant have it until Sunday.

does anyone have a rough estimate on teh data transfer speed of the 360? Want to know how long im gonna be sat waiting. Got 118gb data to xfer.

I don't have any games installed (not enough room). Mine is actually 118GB of saved game data, game data files and avatar items. Pretty bad that huh? Lol.

Despite the USB being more hassle, it'd be hassle for me to go to the shop as well.

Is there an option where its one click whereby I can start the process, or do I have to manually select each thing and move them across onto the USB stick? By process, I mean start it and it'll move 16gbb onto the USB, then when I re-insert it it'll continue from where it left off etc.

Oh, one last thing. Xbox's don't boot up unless they are connect to a TV right? So I'd have to have 2 xbox's connected to 2 tvs so I can see what I'm doing no?

Does the flash drive suffer from the 16GBB limitation? Cos would be a hassle xferring 120GB data across that way.

Or can I stick my 1TB drive in and do it that way?

Is it possible to do it via USB to USB cable?

If you have installed games you may as well delete them before doing any sort of transfer, as you'd need to reinstall them afterwards anyway.


Yes the Flash drive would suffer from the 16gb limit and no you can't do it via usb to usb.


So you can either transfer via the Official Cable or USB stick.


Ps. before anyone uses the link in the first post, remember that Lockerz gives 'referral points' per visit.

[quote user="Kelody"]

Hey It's Lavi on my missus's account.

Vote, lockerz does allow anonmyous uploads. I was uploading pics for like 6 months before I finally signed up. Lockerz used to be called Plixi, which was a common uploading place. only since it became lockerz it must have had the referral scheme. Anyway, you click the link it shows the pic. Who cares about anything else.

back on topic - I have a 1Tb USB HDD, but there are things on it that I don't want to delete. If I format it in the xbox 360, will it just format 16gbb and leave teh rest intact?or will it format the whole hdd and ill lose everything?

I have USB keys, but they are all 2GB. And I'm not doing 60 trips lol back and forwards.


Normally when you plug in a USB flash drive and you select configure, it lets you choose the amount of storage for Xbox use (upto 16GB of course), so I would imagine it would be the same for an external HDD. Don't format it though, it will delete everything.

You can use a data transfer cable but that will set you back around £10 to £15. It moves everything across, so there won't be anything left on the old HDD. Once that is done, I think you need to transfer your licenses over to the new xbox. Got to or more info.

The cheaper way, would be to use a USB flash drive and move everything over to the new HDD on the Xbox. You will still need to tranfer your licenses over to the new xbox if you other people to have access to DLCs etc.

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