transfering data between 2 xbox 360 slims?

ive just bought the star wars console bundle and i need to get my stuff from my other xbox 360 slim. i have a data transfer cable which i originally used for the orignal xbox and when i asked the person in the shop if my transfer cable would be ok for the 2 slims they said it would be fine but it doesnt fit at all.


is there another cable out or another way of transfering my data other than just swapping the HDs because the the new HD is bigger than my old 1?



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You can download most of your stuff again and use a flash drive to transfer your local saved games.

cheers m8. is that the only way to do it then? what about transfering the licences over? follow the instructions behind the link to do a license transfer.

Or follow the copy/paste


Transfer content licenses

You can transfer content licenses from one console to another once every four months.

If your console was recently repaired, or if you’ve purchased a new console, use the license transfer option on your console to transfer content licenses. Here’s how:

    1. On your console, sign in to Xbox LIVE using the gamertag that you used to purchase the content.

    1. Go to the Settings, and then select Account.

    1. Go to Your Billing Options, and then select License Transfer.

    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer the content licenses.

After the licenses are transferred, you need to download the content again to update the local licenses. This way the content can be used by other profiles on your console and when you’re not connected to Xbox LIVE.

For information about how to download previously purchased content, please see Buy and redownload content from Xbox LIVE.


The newer transfer cables will work with both models of HDD. This is also the only way to move data which is otherwise not transferrable by any other means.


why not just use the harddrive you have till you need the 320? you do know thats why they can be interchanged....all you need is a flash drive for your xbox live profile to move between the two systems. i mean people seem less smart everyday.

You don't want to be swapping your drives out all the time though do you?  If you do that you might have to change the drive when you change the disk.

Each HDD Has A Unique ID Attached To A Unique XBOX 360 ID... You Will Need To Use A Data Transfer Cable &/Or Content License Transfer... Then Download All Your Content Again [Content License Transfer]...