transfer game from one hard drive to another???

I have to slims mine didn't come with a hard drive so I bought the hard drive that comes with lego star wars 3. both consoles are slimes the second console is my kids so  I went and bought the xbox transfer cable to moe the game to my kids xbox but the game will not play on there console. did I just blow $20 bucks into thin air getting the transfer cable to let my kids play the game on there console on there TV??? MODS if I posted in wrong section please let me know where you move this to thanks.


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Kind of hard to fallow exactly what you are trying to do, are you trying to move Lego Star Wars 3 to your secondary Xbox 360 S (kid's)? Or just a game that you used to have on the primary (yours)?


Xbox DLC (downloadable content) works in a strange way, to protect content and users. If a piece of content was bought on your Xbox, under your profile, ANY profile can play/use that piece of content on THAT Xbox. Once it is moved, only your profile (the profile that purchased/redeemed the download code).


It seems strange, but you can thank software pirates.


More information can be found at Xbox's D.R.M. page HERE.

Yes what Swift said. DLC's are licensed to your Xbox and account. You can transfer information to a new hard drive but your account must also go with that information. This prevents users from buying it once and either giving it to others or selling it multiple times