Trading LA Noire for something!

Hello chaps, Trading in LA Noire - but what for??

Don't feel too much like a story arc game - have got Assassin's Creed II to get through! Want something about more quick-play.

Was thinking Top Spin 4 - anyone enjoying it? Anyone suggest avoiding it?

Any other suggestions?


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I traded LA Noire in for Pringles & Nobbys Nuts at ASDA. Got a fair few snacks.

Transformers Dark of the Moon, Portal 2 or even F3AR 3.

I played Tops Spin 4, I really enjoyed it actually, its defo worth picking up if you get it at a decent price.

Thanks for the advice chaps - was thinking either Top Spin or Test Drive Unlimted 2 - but I'm hearing bad things about the latter. Cheers!

Top Spin is a good game. it was very easy for me on the medium difficulty so if ur decent at games (im not) put the difficulty up to get the most out of it.


As for TDU2 i enjoy it, many people have spoken about many things qwrong with the game but i havnt experienced any. Saying that i have only been to the casino twice and have never played a mp event.