trade in price guarantee.

in my town there are at least 4 game shops, all offer a guarantee that they have the best trade in prices for used games.

so my question is this,
if i went to the first shop and they offered say £10 trade in on a game,i then go to the second shop and they have to beat that according to their "guarantee" on having the best trade in price,so lets say they offer £11.

now if i go back to the first shop and say they previous shop has beat your price then surely they must beat that price again.

this situation could go back and forth between all the shops and you should get a ridiculously high price for your game.

they all "guarantee" to have the best trade in prices so how do they get around people not doing this?

has anyone ever tried it to see what they do?



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go on cex website and get all the prices and write them down I did that today and got game to match CEX trade price and got there offer up from 18.50 for 5 games to 38 quid for em plus 400 extra reward card points per game under there new promotion they running. Not all stores will match cex unless you have one in your local area

i have a cex,gamestation ,game and a few independent ones all within yards of each other, they all offer the best price guarantee.

if you had nothing better to do one afternoon surely someone could try going back an forth between them and the price would have to go up and up.

even your £38 pound offer would have to be beaten by one of the others offering the guarantee.

wouldn`t they be breaking some sort of false advertising law if they didn`t?

Sure terms and conditions would cover that somewhere as in there only beating the original offer not an offer on an offer

I think you're only allowed 1 offer per 24 hours and each valuation is only valid for 24 hours. In other words you can get them to play off one another but only to a point. so you could start at the best default trade in price place and work up but you would hit a point of no more.  You might manage about a £4 increase per game.

i thought they would have a way round it,i just didn`t know what it was.