Torchlight vs Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale

I have 1200 marketplace points to drop on one of these two games. I have both demos and am undecided still.

Out of these two games which do you think I should buy and why?

Thanks in advance.


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Torchlight all the way my friend.

I bought Torchlight and its amazing, Tried the D&D demo and thought it was terrible. If i remember correctly Torchlight should be on DoTW on Tuesday if i remember correctly so it will be 600MSP. A Steal at that price.


EDIT - it might be 800MSP, either way its a steal!

Thanks for the headsup on the deal Mexicola.

Yeah it's 800MS on Tuesday. Planning on picking it up myself too

I bought both, and I can't recommend Torchlight enough!!  Its an absolutely superb game, and the only one of its kind you'll need.  

Daggerdale on the other hand, seems to have a lot of good points, but utterly cripples itself with a wodge of bad, and can't help but to trip itself up!!  A waste of a good license, and a waste of my points that I should've been more wise with!!

Torchlight is £2.59 on steam today, i might pick it up there if you's think it's good.  I'll try demo.

Torchlight on DotW? w00t. Been waiting :D