Top 5 worst places to buy pre-owned (Online & High Street)

Here's my pick for the worst retailers for pre-owned gaming:



1. CEX  (Awful service, poorly maintained website & appalling order system)

2. GAME (Over-priced, and never have anything in stock)

3. ZAVVI  (Very limited choice on offer and as above, overpriced)

4. GAMESTATION (Pretty much the same as Game, but had better luck with GS)

5.  (Only included Play because sellers take the **** sometimes and delivery speeds are pretty slow in my experience)


High Street:

1. Blockbuster (Ridiculous pricing, poor exchange value and constantly sell damaged goods)

2. CEX  (Decent prices for older games and trade-in value, but they have poor stock control and sell poor condition items)

3. GAME  (The highest asking prices for pre-owned i have seen while out and about shopping)

4. HMV  (Limited and over-priced stock in almost all stores i have visited)

5. ARGOS (Their prices for trade in games is a complete joke, don't bother)



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Ordering p/o games online is a minefield and you only have yourself to blame if the product is in bad condition - you pay your money, you take your chances. Theres no excuse for buying a poor condition p/o game from a shop though because what you see is what you get. Always check the disc and if its in bad condition then ask them to use their disc cleaner if they have one!!! I used to ignore p/o games with dirty, sticky boxes but I now have a stack of green cases so it doesn't matter. Common sense really.

I had excellent service from CEX when I bought a game from them online. I ordered the Limited Edition of Mass Effect and it was missing a booklet, so I emailed them and they sent the missing piece. Top notch service in my case, though I do admit the site could do with a bit of polish.

Ive not had an issue with Game at purchasing games. I purchased a pre-owned Red Dead and the person gave me a brand new copy of the game (sealed). The odd occasion they give me additional content.

I do have to admit some of the prices are a bit high.

Game is pretty good, their prices are hardly extortionate. If you want high prices, try ordering from Jacamo. CEX also might be terrible for buying from, but in selling your games for cash they are pretty tidy.

I think on the high-street in can depend on the amount of that game they have, which can influence the price they sell/pay.

Online, i wouldn't really trust buying pre-owned games as you can get some really terrible discs

I haven't bought pre-owned games online for a while, but the last couple of times I ordered from Game, the games I've purchased were in good condition and played fine.


Remember that almost anything you buy online should be covered by the distance selling act.  If what you purchased online does not work or is not the same as described you have the right to return it for another copy or a refund if they are out of stock.

I've bought a few games and accessories from CEX and not had a problem with any of them. Service was terrible in store i'll admit but i don't care about things like that, i just want the disc to be in good condition! lol

cex prices for pre-owned games are a joke,i have seen them more expensive than brand new star wars 3 for example was £38.99 in there pre owned, i got it for £34.99 brand new in anther store.the supermarkets are doing preowned now too but they are a joke too.i buy from gamestation as they always clean the discs in the professional machine before sale so you know its going to be ok.

Tescos preowned prices are laughable, £32 for NFS Hot pursuit, £33 for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, £20 for Medal of Honor and many more, all of them are actually cheaper/were cheaper to buy new from them.

CEX give decent trade in values but because GS match them it renders them pointless. Their second hand stuff, especially on newer titles is priced too high as well.

each person's retail experience is unique to them, it might be shared by coincidence at times but you cant paint every retailer or shop just because it shares a brand name.

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