Tonight alone

I had a few of my friends over whom are ps3 players untill tonight were set on the ps4 as the next gen console they would purchase. My first question to them was this ' where would your console be located?' All of them responded the living room. I simply said ' Xbox on' of course my tv and sound bar + subs all turned on I then said 'Xbox go to' and proceeded to say the name f all 6 digital games I purchased. Flawlessly I loaded one game after the next. After a quick briefing with ryse son of Rome I snapped tv and had dead rising 3 running moments later. The ps4 may always be slghtly ahead graphically but the Xbox will always be eons ahead In in·ge·nu·i·Ty say it with me All of my friends were so impressed with the Ease of access to everything they had decided x box one is the more then obvious choice. You know what xbox may always be a step behind graphically but it's more then capable to catch up. Ps4 how ever will only be a gaming system as amazing as it may be i prefer controlling my living room with my voice alone. And the cherry on top of all of this: Titan fall!!!

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The XB1 has some great bells and whistles with it. And Microsoft is trying to position itself into the living room with this console. Sony is content on being what it has always been, a games machine. I think if Sony can pull off Multiplat better this go round things will be better for them. But I may be in the minority in my way of thinking with my next statement, but Kinect 2 is far more innovative than the PS Eye, and could bolster XB1 past PS4. Its early though so only time will tell

Yes, time will tell... In fact, many times like the story above will most certainly tell... ;)

Indeed. I'm not worried about PS4 being a step ahead graphically/in hardware. It was the exact same scenario with 360 and PS3, and what a great generation that was for both consoles. Wii was also a good example of how fresh ideas can sell "lesser hardware" too if there are software to back it up.