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There now have been 2 threads locked regarding this so I expect this thread to be locked very soon.  People on this forum - stop defending the xbox 1, I own it, like it, but this is a major issue. If you state that there is no significant difference between 30 and 60 FPS you are wrong or lying. MS fix this now.  Give game developers more assistance to get resolution and frame rates on par with PS4, or at least tell us what you are doing to fix this. Also, stop locking threads where people want to discuss these legitimate issues.


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"Crystal Dynamics has stressed that the game is not a port of existing systems, and was designed and rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen consoles."


I seriously doubt the above statement, as the game was already released (And sold well.) for the last generation. I can not see them investing the time and resources. So as far as 35fps versus 60fps? Shoddy porting on their part.


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You are correct, this thread will be locked on grounds of comparison. Developers are more than capable of hitting 1080p on their own terms. They take many factors into consideration to push out the best quality and stability, but ultimately, the frame rate is a decision they make themselves. This may be a legitimate discussion but it isn't exactly an issue and it is against the forum guidelines to compare one console to another. Why? Because these sorts of threads don't have any positive outcome.


Feel free to discuss the tomb raider game, but please leave other consoles out. There is no reason at all to compare this to the Playstation. The game will hit both platforms and I have no doubt they will each provide a fantastic experience.


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