Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition WOW (First Impression Review)

Just thought I'd write a little after downloading and playing Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition last night.


It truly blew away my expectations and I consider it to be the FIRST next gen game I have played on my XBox One.  From the opening scenes I was hooked by Lara and the beauty of the island where you have arrived at.


Gameplay seemed simple enough for me and I quickly picked up the controls and which button did what thanks to the great on-screen help you are given.


I stumbled upon a crash site (Optional Tomb) and really enjoyed working out the puzzle that ensued as I set fires to bring down the crashed plane to allow my accesss to the Tomb.  Fell from height a good few times but never died which is a blessing when games to have reload after a death.  One of my first WOW moments as to my surprise Tomb Raider loaded back to playable in about 5 seconds.  You can go make supper waiting for Ryse Son of Rome to reload so this is a great addition to the game.


I can't wait to get home from work to put Lara through her paces as we search for our fellow survivors and best friend Sam.


Loaded up multi-player to have a quick look in there and it looks stunning, allowing you to not only shoot your enemies but to set traps for them also.  Really looking forward to playing a bit more of this also and a video in the "Extras" section is worth watching to help you along.


The best £45 I have spent since the XBox One Launched.


Square Enix take a bow.  Next Gen is finally here


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Not being funny but a re skinned 360 title is hardly revolutionary,  the game looked beautiful on the 360 and played like a dream.  

Maybe be re skinned but still brilliant, one of the best Xbox games ever imo

It's a great game, don't get me wrong. Very enjoyable and the graphical advancements in the definitive version are indeed noticeable, but it ain't Tomb Raider as we knew and loved it.

The tombs are very few and far between and consist of one physics based "puzzle" each, none of which are head scratchers.


I'm enjoying my replay of the game with the revamped graphics though.

I think where we are seeing her become a tomb raider, now she's had this adventure she wants more so in the next game I hope there's more tombs or one big tomb

Agreed MGF they were more "caves" than "tombs"   and hopefully Pingu you are correct and we see some crackers like the first and second games.  

I played the original on the XBox 360 and it was a very good game back then.


It's a testament to the graphics of last gen that many people look at the ONE version and don't really realise the difference.


I'm enjoying playing through on the ONE.


I've got to say that as least as far as the Full Games on the ONE go, they all look amazing and have tons to do.