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Why is the x box turning out to be a piece of #$%&? My brother that lives two miles from me always have trouble when trying to play a game.  I have spent over a $1000 on between the system and the games and having trouble connecting with the severs.  I having problems with dying light, mkx, dbz xeoverse, and ryse all server issue and give the same bs "it might be this" message that leads you to more bs just say you don't know and stop lying.  I am trying to send complaint but I cant because when I try it leads me to this crap.  Been an x box customer for over ten years but I am thinking about trading it in for a ps4 the x box is not reliable anymore for me it sucks cause yall have the better games I think.  Help me out if you can and Thank you. 


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This is my help....Oh wow..... another 10 year customer threatening to go to Sony. MS doesn't care.... buy your PS4.... then repurchase an X1 .... MS gets 2 sales out of you....  brilliant!


With replies like that it is a wonder this forum has gone down the way it has. Could the OP's rant have been worded differently? Sure, but you check his gamer card and see he's played a bunch of games.


If you're having that many problems over multiple games it might be something on your end. I don't think we can really help unless we know the specifics.

This is a rather stock answer from kingvas.  He's been like this since May of 2013.  Yeah, it's a tired song and dance, but what can you do?  

Still, saying something along the lines of "your product is a piece of..." as his 1st sentence is likely only going to make his argument more likely to be avoided or ignored. If you have an issue, you deal with it in a respectful and civil manner - this is something the OP is obviously not doing; if he was, they might actually listen. This of course if he was actually going to the source, rather than an open, public forum the team at MS hardly ever visit or see, if ever.

He's obviously upset.  And even if he came here and politely explained his problem, the snide replies would have still happened.  We've seen this happen hundreds of times, no?

Sounds like a problem with your connection. Sure live has had problems of late but I haven't experienced anything as dramatic as what you are trying to explain. Care to explain the time periods and durations of your troubles? Your internet speeds? Wired or wireless connection?

No bazarro the snide replies only come when the OP is irrational and lacking in the general use of the English language.

Does he actually want help? Let's see.

Have you tried rebooting the Xbox? If that doesn't work you should call your internet provider to see if they can help

Couple of quick answers.

1:  You seem to be having problems with a lot of games, that means its either your Xbox or your internet.

2:  See answer one.

Bizarro, that's not necessarily true; he could've been met with some good responses. The fact of the matter is the more mature his message, the more likely he'd receive a good response from the community, but since he didn't...

"Help me out if you can and Thank you" shows a certain level of maturity to me, something that's becoming increasingly rare on these forums...:-)

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