Titanfall question

Is titanfall going to be a day one digital download? If so what are the odds I will be able to download without problems. I'm afraid that to many people will be downloading and it will turn into an all day process? Any thought?


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Whoa... forgot about that. Ghost downloads ended terribly at the start... Way too many downloading at once.. Yea... it isn't going to end well... Scratch that, will end well. The process to the end will be nervewracking though.

don't worry OP, it was announced that the update will allow you to pre-order the digital copy and download it earlier then march 11th but you can't play it till 12:01AM PST on march 11th

Okay thanks for the info. That's great news ! I have decided  that I love digital games, although you can't sell them not getting up and changing discs is awesome.

So I want be able to untill 3am est ?

^^ I think it'll be 12:01 if your on eastern time. At least that's what the ign article seems to imply.