Titanfall Online, open world, FPS, with RPG and mini mass online

Sorry to get you excited but this isn't  thing, however I was reading this article from Forbes, and the following paragraph caught my eye, remove the comparision and killing statements, but wow what a good idea.


If, on the other hand, EA had released a Titanfall Online designed around first-person shooting and an open, shared-world with RPG progression I might be whistling a different tune. That would be a direct competitor to Destiny. It would have similar gameplay since they’re both first-person shooters. It would also share more in common with Destiny’s science fiction, but add parkour and mechs into the mix. (P.S. This is what Titanfall 2 really should be and if not that, then someone should create a parkour + mechs Destiny killer. Everyone talked about it being a Call of Duty killer, but this is better.)



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For me,Destiny killer is Destiny itself.I didn't bought it and glad i didn't.

I spend around 100 hrs on The Division,just what i expected.That's all.

About Titanfall,not sure if Respawn really wants to turn this franchise into another half baked "MMO/Shooter/RPG".....First game was good,no need to change a good formula.And it need to keep dedicated servers and cloud computing.

yup have to say I am looking forward to TF2, and I hope they don't change it up to much, although I am already disapointed at the campaign being included.

(Sorry didn't want the d v d comparison just didn't want to take credit for the TF online idea either)

I really enjoyed Titanfall and the dedicated servers. Unless T.F.2 has them, it's going to be a pass and I'll stick with C.O.D.. Titanfall's lack of guns was my only complaint...which is odd, considering I only use a couple guns in C.O.D.; believe I just like unlocking them.

Peace, J.R.

I believe TF2 will be much more complete at launch than TF1, to be COD should be COD 4, when they got back to that (and fix all the things I don't like dedicated servers, no quick scoping lag comp that works or none at all etc) I will consider it again.