TitanFall Midnight, add me, details inside.

Hey guys, just letting you guys know will be getting Titanfall at midnight (east coast). Im sure a lot of you will as well, anyone here that is getting it or just wants new friends feel free to add me but please if you follow me on X1 send me a message letting me know you did so i follow back. I will be playing pretty much throughout the night, so if you just want some more friends that will be playing it feel free to follow me with a message. Im a full time college student, i have a lot of other games as well, so its not just Titanfall although i will be mostly playing that for the next days. I may or may not stream who knows might check it out earlier during playing TF, Happy Gaming!


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Good luck to the guys on the East coast. The game will be out at freakin 3AM.

I'm just not into video Games at that time of night.

lol i hear you Chased, im getting it at midnight for me at my local game store. This is the game ive been waiting for gotta make the night worth it :P No class or work tomorrow means titanfall goodness for me lol.

I am DLing it.. but it will not be available till 3AM... and I have to get up at 6... so..... I expect to see a few 50s by the time I get off of work  

Feel free to follow/msg me if you want tohellnbak. We can play sometime.

I just think it's *** up that they didn't stagger the launch times.

M$ probably planned it so servers won't be bogged.

3 a.m.!? Ah man! :(

@Tricky, I'm adding you for now - don't disappoint! ;)

Does the digital version come out right after midnight in the X1 store?

Ha! NM, you're already on my FL! ><

haha Hey Galactic hope we can play sometime!

I will be getting it first thing in the am from my local MS store.I am to excited. I am so ready to put COD down...