titanfall issues

i'v never posted before but i would say i'm a bit of a gamer i'v had consoles from the snes - xbone had all xbox's and ps1-3 when playing titanfall, another player comes into view, i like to use accuracy not amount of bullets. the frame rate drops to fpm (frames per min) and is just appalling. if this came out for gen 1 xbox... unacceptable when in last titan standing i seem to be the last 1 alive alot and then dhalsim of street figter uses his long arms to punch me from around 150ft or scorpion from mortal combat tells me to get over there so he can rip me out of my titan video feed and game play are 2 different platforms, i'v not seen a game since ps1 where bullets take a straight 90 degree bend out the end of the barrel. this is third gen xbox. that is friken N64 golden eye! this game will be on ebay the same day as i get elderscrolls dont get me wrong, i still kick butt online with this game, its a good idea for a game. executed with the precision of a blind archer. if this is a cod killer. cod has alzheimers and fancied a bit of sky diving


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Talking of the Elder Scrolls, I'm really looking forward to this myself :-)

Apologies, my last post seems to have bits missing, I did say

I never had any issues with frame rate dropping on Titanfall, the odd bit of screen tear though.

Yeah same here, the problems I have had with Titanfall have been minimal. I enjoy it when I play it but I know its not for everyone and wont have lasting appeal to those that do have it.

^ "Lasting Appeal" ..

I am glad that finally there's a MP game out there that's a little different from all the CODs, Battlefields, and given the choice I'd rather play Titanfall than either but for me anyway I don't think Titanfall will have the lasting appeal that COD/Battlefield has had in the past. I mean even though I don't play the others online no-more but I did play them all to a few years back, I can't honestly see me in future playing solidly on Titanfall 2, 3 etc, unless of course they really do change it each time.

I more look forward to the Destiny's, The Division, The Crew where it's about co-op aswell rather than just Player Vs Player all of the time.

Mind you I never get tired of playing racing titles online lol, all down to what each of us prefer/like.

Same here dude. Destiny is going to be so much fun. I cant wait. I know they will make more titanfalls and probably go up to TF3 just to finish a trilogy but I think after that, respawn will want to seek other routes and try new things. Which I commend :)

im with lofty on eagerly awaiting Destiny and Division but i cant agree on this being better than battlefield or even cod - they just have a far superior longevity than titanfall does. That being said I'd still look forward to a titanfall 2 but this time with a decent story mode!

@ iBakez ..

I won't mention COD, enjoyed it in the past but not a patch on Battlefield for me.

I don't mean I think Titanfall is a better game ( obviously it's different for each of us ) than Battlefield, I still think overall Battlefield wins, just had so much enjoyment on these games in the past, just for me I'd rather play Titanfall because it is something slightly different.

I hope that makes sense lol

I wouldnt dream of playing COD or Battlefield as a lone wolf, but have had some great evenings on Titanfall just playing on my own.   Its a really accessible game that you can just drop into for a few hours and have fun without feeling two disadvantaged by the "pros"

@lofty, yeah that makes sense bud - Sometimes something different helps you appreciate the other games you like even more.

I like that titanfall has divided opinion, its already developing its own 'character' and fanbase which can only be good for development of the other franchises :)

I hope it doesn't get bled like CoD does. I doubt it because of the dev team size but it would suck to see this get hammered out. I would love to see RESPAWN take to other genres. Between CoD and BF, I haven't played enough BF to decide fairly but I am about done with CoD forever. As funny as this sounds, but when the campaign in CoD appeals to you more than the Multiplayer, something's wrong lol.

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