Titanfall Bundle Bricked on Arrival.

With Best Buy & Walmart dropping the price on the XBOX ONE Titanfall Bundle $50 I figured it was time to purchase one for my 11yo.

I picked one up today and went home to set it up as a surprise for him when he comes home from his moms. Unfortunately the system was DOA. 

What I mean by that is when I turned the system on it sat a a Green XBOX ONE screen for 20 min before flashing once and then a black screen. I left sitting at black screen for 10min. Did a hard reset and had the same thing happened. Powered down, unplugged EVERYTHING! Tested all hdmi ports with the XBOX 360. Plugged everything back in and tried once again but this time I didn't even get the Green XBOX ONE screen, just the black screen. Called XBOX tech support and the gentleman I talked to told me he didn't hear of anyone with the problem of turning on and not at least getting the Green Screen. He recommended I return it, so its off to Best Buy tomorrow morning to do so.


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