Tinnitus Audio settings?

Hello, I'm wondering if there will be any Tinnitus audio settings for CoD Ghosts and other games? I have tinnitus and the last thing I need to hear is a high pitch ring from a flash bang :P I wanna contact Infinity ward about this and see if they can implement it in their game but their forums are down and it wont let me post on the CoD Ghosts forums? But maybe will someone will see this post and spread the word! Thanks for reading!


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If you don't want rings...some TVs will give you a sound range you can change.

Unfortunately my TV doesn't have it :P

Um...then it could be difficult. I suppose you could check if 360 has it, but I doubt it.


You might just have to play with low sound. You can always cover it up with squeaky 6-year-olds in the lobby!

Lol, It doesn't bother me much but it would be a good add on to help out!