Timesplitters 4 facebook campaign.

The release of TimeSplitters 4 looks set to be a possible outcome as a new campaign has caught the attention of Crytek, and if the Facebook page gets 100,000 fans former Free Radical member Graeme Norgate, who is known for his composing on TimeSplitters said he would contribute a victory theme song to the campaign.

If the Facebook page obtains over 1,000 likes senior Crytek artist says he will also contribute a character design for TimeSplitters, and at present they are not far off the mark. This could have relevance to Crytek president, Cevat Yerli recently stating that he feels there is not a big enough market to interest publishers and in an article on Gaming Blend, they mention that this now seems to be a possibility.

It has been pointed out that some fans are showing skepticism about TimeSplitters turning into another serious Call of Duty style shooter, although there are plenty signing petitions and making sure word gets around. It has also been mentioned that this would be the ideal opportunity for EA to get involved with an XBLA or PSN version of TimeSplitters 4.

Only last week we look at the idea of Timesplitters 4 releasing being less popular than HD collection among fans and maybe a total remake of the franchise would be more preferable, as there has not be as bigger call for the sequel as there has for a HD collection. The notion that producing a collection especially an updated version of Timesplitters 2 and 3 on the Cry engine 3 would be a great way to monitor the size of the fan base.

Will you be joining the cause to add to this campaign? To find out more on this head over to the Official TimeSplitters 4 Facebook Fan Page.

Source: http://www.inentertainment.co.uk/20120618/facebook-to-determine-timesplitters-4-release/

 There is still hope i believe.  Whether it's Timesplitters 4 or a remake collection I would love a timesplitters game and i know others agree.


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Fans would seriously prefer up-rezzed versions of the old games over a new one? I don't understand that at all.


I had fun with TS2 on PS2. I've never understood the huge following the games have though.

It would make a great XBA title, and TS2 was fun on the Plastation....very arcadey, didnt take itself too seriously but was an amazing FPS that captured all the action of Unreal Tournament but with more Humour


It would do really well on XBA

Read this earlier this morning and would love to see a TS4 if they can make it like the old ones. I can see why people would want an HD collection over a new one. It's been a long time since the last game (2005) and most fans fear that they would make the series more accessible by adding the usual loadouts, perks, regenerating health etc and that their last game HAZE wasn't great.

Either way I hope something comes out of this whether it's TS4 or an HD update of the first 3 games or both.

I would just love to see a Timesplitters make its was to 360. The first I have always found to be the best, such an amazing game. I just loved playing against AI with a friend and I hope the same feeling could be generated from a new title.

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Fans would seriously prefer up-rezzed versions of the old games over a new one? I don't understand that at all.


Maybe the risk that a new one mite be lame and not feel like Timesplitters.    Alot of FPS are  to similar to COD, certainly wouldn't want Crytek doing that to TS.  Also bare in mind, as COD is so big is there really a long lasting market for a series reboot?  Most new FPS games just die out  and don't have a long lasting community.  It would make more sense for TS4 to be a next-gen game where COD hasn't already saturated the market.

Whereas remakes of the old TS games wouldn't be disappointing because it's just for fans.