Timespliters HD collection anyone?

I just saw this and thought spreading the word might help it somewhat a little maybe a lot who knows, all I know is this would be a great HD collection with some of the funnest FPS games around! Go on sign it you know you want too.


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You been in a 3 month coma or something?

No thanks I thought they were a bit crappy tbh.

no hanks, don't need HD versions of poor games.

Wow, lots of 'Splitters hate round these parts. Although I've never understood the appeal either tbh. They had a nice style I guess.

Well, I loved em, thought they were great fun.... each to their own I guess...

Future Perfect was hilarious, had some proper funny moments in it.

Very surprised it was never adapted to the big screen.....with me playing Harry Tipper. ;-)

@the1337gamer No I've not been in a coma all ways good to top people memories with stuff like this, if you've nothing productive to say then shh or go and post pointless somewhere else