Time Warner Cable (San Diego) XBL Port Issues. Anyone else having problems

Hi All,

My friends and I are having issues with TWC in regards to XBL or more generally port access. Everything used to work but recently stopped.

I am wondering if anyone else on TWC is having similar issues (as described below) and if so what if anything they have done to resolve them.

Where: US -> California -> San Diego

Modem: Motorola SB5101

Router: NA

1.) We are not able to join an XBL party hosted by any of us (3 people each on TWC)

2.) We are not able to join each others games (ex. Borderlands2 -> connection to host failed)

3.) If another person (non TWC) hosts an XBL party or BL2 game we can all connect and play

What we tried:

1.) Tried checking router WAN IP vs internet IP described here (http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4267/p/1667262/4400402.aspx)

both IPs matched

2.) Two of use tried direct connecting our cable modems to the XBOX to rule out any router issues:

Connections still failed

3.) We setup a webserver and forwarded several ports (3074,88,80,etc) to the webserver:

From outside TWC (cellular network) we can see the webpage

From inside TWC the page is not reachable

4.) Spoke with level 2 TWC support. He indicated, TWC does not block ports, since I bought my own equipment (modem/router), they won't troubleshoot anything. More specifically, even if I did buy/rent my equipment from them, there isn't much they would do other than confirm my router config was correct and send some signals to my modem.

Any ideas/suggestions/insights would be much appreciated.


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What brand of router are you using with this Motorola modem? 

I used to have the exact same modem and used it with TWC on the East Coast.  And had no issues, the same goes for the modem(SB6121) one step up from yours.  Also, from my experience with Comcast and TWC sometimes you have to get the right tech support person to help you out.  Some are very lazy or even though very technically versed, they have no clue when it comes to what is needed for gaming on any platform.  You may need to call back and demand to talk to a Tier 3 support, which is the highest for TWC. If we lived near each other I could give you the direct number, but I doubt you want the long distance phone charges. 

Comparing your setup to mine, I have not open ports on my router for XBL in about 5 years.  It is just not worth the hassle in my opinion.  The one thing I do is enable the UPnP, besides that only other thing I do is limit the IP address to about 25 that the router gives out.  Also, you can search the web for TWC Business Class DNS server address for your area.  That also seemed to help with gaming because most businesses are closed at night.  So, that one is up to you.  It may be better for you, instead of sending you info across the whole country like I was doing for a while with TWC.


Thanks for the reply.

Router: ActionTec Mi-424WR. Normally I just have upnp enabled, which used to work just fine. For one our tests we tried direct connecting the xbox to the cable modem (both me and a friend) and still couldn't connect to each other.

I agree I will likely have to call back and try someone else and hope they are more helpful than the tech I spoke with. If you have a TWC direct Tier 3 number laying around, you could PM me if you like. As long as it is in the US I don't have to worry about long distance (VOIP phone).

Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my post

PM sent.  No problem, I try to especially respond when I see someone having issues with TWC.  Since I worked for them and have friends that still do.