Time to upgrade

So I'm thinking about upgrading from my slim 360 to the one in the next few months. Can anyone please tell me what the reliability is like compared to the 360?

I'm thinking about trading in the 360 250gb with black ops 2, mw 2, ghosts, advanced warfare, halo 3, max Payne 3 and assassins creed brotherhood. Is it worthwhile trading or try to get more on ebay?

It's just myself and my wife so is it worth getting kinect too or put that towards another game?


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The Kinect is cool for voice commands, but that novelty wears off in like 5 minutes. I still just use the controller to do everything. It's not needed.

I don't know anyone in real life that has had a system not work properly but I have read about it. It is a million and 1 times more reliable than the 360 at this stage in it's life.

I just trade my systems etc in at the shop. You can get more money selling it online, but I'm to impatient and lazy to do it so I get less money for it but it doesn't really matter to me.

It has some decent games so you will like it.


Thanks, is it true you need to download the blu ray player? What's the machine noise like and do your 360 achievements still show?

I think the BR player is just a quick app you download.

Machine barely makes a sound.

360 cheevos show in number, but I don't believe they come up on your social feed for friends to see.

Unless you happen to find a really good trade in deal then you're much better off selling everything separately on eBay.

Game said I'd get roughly £35 trade on the console. Thinking with eBay fees etc I might not be that far off?

The fan noise varies. You might get a louder or quieter console. With that being said, unless your Xbox One sounds like one of the original Xbox 360s, it doesn't actually matter functionality-wise how loud the One is.

Does it still have freezing issues. Think I'm on my 7th 360 since launch.

Mine is very quiet. I barely hear a sound.

One last thing about the Kinect. If you plan on recording your gameplay than I would say get it because it's easier to say "Xbox, record that" rather than hitting buttons.


I would say overall the console is much more reliable than the 360 as they did learn from some of their mistakes, though I have had two issues.

My Kinect stopped working without warning, was fine one day and just didn't turn on the next. I never bothered to get it replaced.

Also my power brick has started making a rather loud fan noise twice, both times I gave it a solid tap with two fingers and it stopped. I'm still waiting for it to start back up again, but it was rather dusty when it happened so maybe something was lodge in it, I don't know.

Just on what Brand said, it's really quite easy to double tap the home button and press X for screenshots and Y for video so either way it's quite easy to capture gameplay. Though it's all really about personal preference, I hate talking to my Xbox because I'm usually over talking by the end of the day.

I agree with brandiesel on everything pretty much.

I'm on the same X1 since launch. It's extremely quiet, infact, I just don't hear it at all.

Kinect, I don't use mine at all, last time it was turned on was a good year ago. Personally, I'd put the cash towards another game.

Tbh, you won't get much for the 360 anywhere you try and sell it. You would maybe get more on eBay but it could take a while and have to list it multiple times..... Unless you list it as auction and not by it now, but then it could end up going for pennies.

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