tiger woods 11 achievments


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oh thats very good

hiya yup the new forums are messing me about. old way was much better. tiger woods achievment misiing is the prototype outfit. You need to unlock all pro shop items to get acces to the prototype outfits have unlocked all equipment and clothes but still can not get the protoype outfits any ideas. darn achievment is worth 65g.

Have you looked on the tiger 11 forums? can remember seeing something about it on there.

I didnt play 11 that much but now addicted to 12

oops brain has left me today. it is tiger woods 12 the masters im on. thast the one with the prob. but thanks for tiger woods forum shall try that.

On a look it seems those forums are not the busiest lol!!. Hopefully this isnt a big problem and you can fix it....lol I need to know too as I will be unlocking at some point!!!....off to google it mate

shall do that to and if i find out if its fixable shall post back.

Cant see anything really. Even the Ea forums are a bit slack!1


yup same here, thinik i've been robbed off 65g. darn it i like my gs.