Ticking noise which has gradually got worse on xbox one Advanced Warfare edition

I have had this xbox since just before Christmas last year. In the first month or so, I have heard a very quiet ticking noise. Being an it technician thought there was some dust, used a dust can. Still a ticking noise. I thought it can't be the hard drive already after only a month of very minimal use. I put up with it.

Now the ticking is getting louder and much much more often, it's taking a hell of a lot longer to turn on and actually get to the dashboard, not to mention any digitally downloaded games take a lot longer to load, get freezing. I constantly get freezing in the menus on call of duty advanced Warfare.

Iv probably answered my own feed here, but is it worth sending it back to Game UK? If anyone has done so before, how long do they take and do they give me a refurbished one? Also I'm worried about my saved data.

Some.help would be greatly appreciated! 


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Have you tried a factory reset? Don't worry about losing any game saves etc, they're all saved on cloud storage.