Thrustmaster TX wheel and game chat

Hi as you know the game chat is connected via the controller, which is fine as long as you use the controller.

But now i use the Thrustmaster TX steering wheel as my controller as i play only Forza 5 , and at the moment you cannot have both it and the Xbox one controller activated as they conflict , so i am Forced to use kinect for my game / party chat which is no use due to other noises within the house / room and the lack of a "handy Mute button" 

so what are my options at the moment untill MS get this sorted.

There is no where on the wheel to plug in a microphone / headset


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I found your thread while looking for an answer to that very problem.Any luck with a resolution to headset chatting while using a steering wheel??

having the same issue

There is a FAQ (FAQ [tag:on] 142) the thrustmaster site at which describes how to use a chat headset with the racing wheel.  Basically, you are using the multiplayer mode with two controllers - the wheel and a regular controller - and using the headset on the regular controller for chat.