Three Red Lights When Kinect is Plugged In

Hi all,

Last week I turned on my 360 (the original/old style) and got the dreaded three red lights.  Tried turning it off and on a few times and got the same thing. Thought all hope was lost.

Then I unplugged the Kinect and the 360 started up fine. Plugged the Kinect back in, Red Ring of Death. So I unplugged it and I've been using it daily for a week with no more issues.

Anyone heard of this happening? All I can find when I try to search for it is the Ring of Death showing on Old Xboxes when they try to update the Kinect for the first time. But I've been running my Xbox with a Kinect since they Xbox came out.

Is my Kinect shot? I don't want to do too much experimenting with it in case the RRoD decides to make a permanent home in my console.

Thanks for any insight!


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